Light and Shadow — Greatest Cinematographers of the World, Interviewed

This is an incredibly inspiring video that will appeal not just to the videographers in your classroom but the photographers as well. In my Communications Technology class, students are asked to watch the video and share a few inspirational quotes or messages they gleaned from it. I often create a Word Cloud with the results, …

How to Save URLs in a Project Folder

This video will show you how to save URLs into your project folder. This is necessary when creating and submitting projects that use assets from the Internet. Always give credit where it is due!

Tutorial: “Affinity Designer – For Beginners”

This is a great video for beginners to Affinity Designer as well as vector graphics in general. It provides an overview of starting Designer and walks you through an activity that teaches about: creating drawings, drawing rectangles, layers (locking and positioning), CMYK and HSL foreground and stroke colour selection, manipulation of object nodes, the use …

Job Interview Questions Assignment – Google Docs

Linked below is a Job Interview assignment I use with my students in various classes. Other teachers are free to adapt or use it for their own classes. The assignment is also available at my GitHub account here. Source: Job Interview Questions Assignment – Google Docs

TEJ2O, TGJ2O, TGJ3M, TGJ4M Daybook: Update ePortfolio on New Google Sites

We used to use the old Google Sites for our ePortfolios, but, even with the current limitations, will now use the new Google Sites for our ePortfolios. Each student shares their ePortfolio with me as an editor, so I can edit their site if necessary, or when the feature gets added, to add comments to their site. For students …