Arduino Blinking LED Activity

[Lesson Plan]

This overview is a good introduction to the Arduino.

Watch the tutorial and reproduce the experiment that is done in the video.

Do not plug in the USB cable until you have had your circuit checked by the instructor.

Your circuit should look similar to this:


This is a schematic for your circuit:


This is the code you should have:


Extension Activity

Experiment with your program to determine the minimum delay you can have before the LED no longer appears to be blinking? What “rate” does this correspond to?


  • What is an Arduino?
  • What counts as the “input” for this assignment?
  • What is the “output”?
  • If the delay is changed to 500 milliseconds, what is the flashing rate?
  • How would you modify your program to use a different pin as the output?


After you have the experiment completed, call your instructor over to have it marked.

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