3-209 Lab Bookings

Room 3209 is available for bookings period three and four this semester. Please contact me via email to book.

Please, no food or drink for students visiting the class. Ask the students to push in all chairs when leaving, and take any garbage with them. Do not let them disconnect any of the mice or keyboards (they must stay plugged in the back).

Please have enough work for the students so they aren’t playing games. If they are finished their daily assignment, please have an additional assignment ready for them.

Contact Me

Where Can You Find Me?

You’ll find me at Beamsville District Secondary School:

4317 Central Avenue
Beamsville, ON
L0R 1B0

Semester 1

Pd 1 – TEJ3M/4M Computer Engineering Technology
Pd 2 – TEJ2O Computer Technology
Pd 3 – prep period 
Pd 4 – Co-op
All classes are in room 3-209 except Co-op, which will be in 3-211.

Semester 2

Pd 1 – ICS3C/3U/4C/4U Computer Science
Pd 2 – prep period 
Pd 3 – BTT1O ICT In Business
Pd 4 – TGJ2O/3M/4M Communications Technology

All classes are in room 3-209.

Contacting Me

There are a number of options for you to contact me.

  1. You can email me directly at pbeens@gmail.com,
  2. Leave me a message (voice or text) at (716) 299-8526, or
  3. Fill in this form.

ETFO Online AQs for Teachers – Summer 2017

I’ve gathered up all the ETFO online AQs listed on the OTF PD Calendar  that are being offered this summer. Please let me know if there are any omissions or mistakes.


ETFO Summer 2017 Science and Technology AQs

Interested in taking a Science and Tech qualification course this summer? Here are all the AQs being offered at ETFO (online).

AML EULAs in Plain English

I recently had the pleasure of being in the audience for a presentation from Carol Arcus, Vice-President, The Association for Media Literacy (AML).

AML has many amazing resources for teachers at both their website and their YouTube channel.

One of the highlights for me was their “EULA Project”, where they have taken many social media end-user licence agreements and converted them to plain English posters that can be displayed in your classroom for your students, all for free.

Here’s an example, posted in low-res only (see the link below for full-sized PDFs):

Snapchat EULA
Snapchat EULA in Plain English

To see AML’s EULA Project in its entirety, visit http://www.aml.ca/i-agree/ where you can download PDF versions of each EULA poster.

(Also see http://www.aml.ca/agency-and-privacy/ for additional information about this project.)

Brock Summer 2017 In-service Courses

I’ve tried to gather up all the Brock University Summer 2017 in-service courses listed on the OTF PD Calendar. Please let me know if there are any omissions or mistakes.

Archiving Your Google Data

I always encourage students to use the personal Google account for school work so they still “own” the data after they leave high school.

But what if they haven’t, and they’re above to move on to a postsecondary school or the workplace?

There are basically two options:

  1. Move your data to your personal account
  2. Download your data

To move your data to a new account, just visit https://takeout.google.com/transfer and enter the relevant information. Just be sure you have enough disk quota in your personal account or you may run into trouble.

To download your data, visit https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout and select the data you want to download. Note that this can take a long time, depending on how much data you have in your Google account.


Hover Test

Hover the cursor over “ACSE”.

The code to produce the popup looks like this:

<span title="Popup information">Text To Display</span>