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I also recommend that you check your school board email account daily for any notifications from Google Classroom, especially to check for any comments I have made on your submissions.

TIJ1O Mark Breakdown

Practical (classroom projects) 50%
Tests (quizzes, unit tests) 10%
Assignments (research, homework) 10%
Culminating Project, Report, and/or ePortfolio 30%

TIJ1O Administrivia

Day 1

Day 2

  • Daily Reminders
  • Timetable Assignment 
  • Website Overview, including:
  • Use of Organizer
    • Use of an organizer in this class is mandatory. All assignments should be entered in your organizer (with deadlines) and crossed off once they are completed.
    • Here are some tips:
      • If you use a paper organizer:
        • Tear corners off finished pages.
        • Highlight or draw box around deadlines.
        • Use check mark circles for to-do items.
      • Schedule your school work.
      • Every Sunday night, plan your work for the entire week.
      • Also enter “nice-to-do” things such as wash your car, Christmas shopping, send email to friend, etc.
      • Check planner every morning and before bed every night.
      • Carry it with you at all times.
      • Get in the habit of working from it on a daily basis.
      • USE IT!!!
  • Class Rules 🙂 | Assignment
  • Remind Notifications

Day 3

  • Class Tweets (hashtag #BDSTIJ)
  • Email Protocol 
    • Please read the Email Protocol page very carefully and be sure you understand what the subject line must look list when sending me emails. Emails that do not follow this protocol may be accidentally overlooked and deleted as spam.
  • Email Assignment
    • This assignment is for three purposes: 1) to enter your address into my address book so you will never be deleted by my spam filter, 2) to ensure you know how to use my subject line protocol, and 3) to ensure you have a professional and permanent email address.
  • Chrome Login

Day 4

  • Pre-course Questionnaire
    • Be sure your email address is the same as the one you used for the email assignment.
  • Class Jobs
    • Headset cupboard
    • Push chairs in at end of class
    • Clean up your mess!

TIJ11O Exploring Technologies Outline

This is a “living document” and gets updated regularly depending on the needs and skills of the students.

Old Material

1 Thanks to J. Wiersma for these resources

TIJ1O Exploring Technologies

This course enables students to further explore and develop technological knowledge and skills introduced in the elementary science and technology program. Students will be given the opportunity to design and create products and/or provide services related to the various technological areas or industries, working with a variety of tools, equipment, and software commonly used in industry. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues, and will begin to explore secondary and postsecondary education and training pathways leading to careers in technology-related fields. 

Prerequisite: None

Big Ideas

  1. How do I prepare and complete a project from start to finish?
  2. What methods do I need to communicate my ideas?
  3. What resources will I need to use to build my projects or deliver services?
  4. How does technology affect the environment?
  5. What courses do I need to pursue a career in the trades?

Important Links

For a list of what is offered in the BDSS Tech Department, visit


Career Cruising

Create a section called “Career Matchmaker Results (Top 10 careers)”. Under this, list your top 10 Career Matchmaker results from Career Cruising, listed in order, in a neatly formatted (bulleted) list.  (Redo the career matchmaker, even if you have done it this year. Be sure to answer ALL questions.)

An example is shown below:

Career Matchmaker Results (Top 10 careers)

  1. Automobile Assembler
  2. Electronics Engineering Tech
  3. Electrical Engineering Tech
  4. Web Developer
  5. Office Machine Repairer
  6. Gunsmith
  7. Furniture Finisher
  8. Locksmith
  9. Cable Installer and Repairer
  10. Production Woodworker

Next, create a section called “My Top Career Choice”. Under this heading, enter “Career”, followed by the name of your top career choice, ideally taken from the above list, as well as the other details listed below. Example:

My Top Career Choice

  • Automobile Assembler
  • Automobile assemblers install pre-fabricated parts and components to make new vehicles.
Earning $ Range
  • $15 – $35 per hour
Level of Education
  • High School
Core Tasks
  • Work at assigned stations on automotive assembly lines
  • Attach a specific part, such as the bumper, as automobile frames move down the line
  • Often climb into the frames and use power tools to bolt or screw the part in place
  • Ensure the part is properly secured and functional, and move on to the next frame
Attributes and Abilities
  • Work well with your hands
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Communication skills
  • Physically fit
  • Work for companies that manufacture cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, or other kinds of automobiles
  • Most work a regular 40-hour week, though overtime is sometimes required
  • Some work evenings and weekends
  • Work indoors in large factories that are clean but noisy, and can be hot in summer
  • The work involves a lot of repetitive tasks

Egg Drop Challenge

These requirements have been determined through class-wide research, discussion, and agreement.

[class brainstorming Google Doc]

Materials Supplied by Instructor
  • egg (freebie)
  • hot glue (freebie)
  • straws (4 max)
  • paperclips (3 max)
  • string (36″ total)
  • masking tape (12″ max)
  • toothpicks (5 max)
  • balloons (2 max)
  • Popsicle sticks (4 max)
  • cotton balls (6 max)
Materials Supplied by Student
  • elastic bands (6 max)
  • q-tips (4 max)
  • toilet paper (4 squares max)
  • marshmallows (4 max)
  • popcorn (1 cup max)
  • plastic container or can (700 mL max)
  • other tape (6″ max)
  • parachute (plastic bag)
  • wire (12″ max)
  • fishing line (in place of string — 36″ max)
  • sponge (1, like this only)
  • sandwich bag (1)
  • corrugated cardboard (35 in2 max)
  • bubble wrap (4×4″ max)
  • Styrofoam cup (1)
  • paper plate (2 max)
  • saran wrap (5X5″ max)
  • egg carton cup (2 max)
  • tennis ball (1/2)
  • 6 materials maximum, not including the egg and hot glue
  • may use one material x 2 (counts as 2)
  • maximum size 6 x 6 x 6 in (15 x 15 x 15 cm)
Marking Method
  • Sketch:
    • effort, level of detail, clarity of materials
    • must be done on computer
  • Egg Drop:
    • 10 marks if no cracks or breakage
    • 9 marks if there is a small crack
    • 8 marks if there is more than one crack and the membrane is not exposed
    • 7 marks if membrane is exposed but there is little or no white liquid exposed
    • 6 marks if white liquid has leaked out
    • 5 marks if yolk is still entirely intact
    • 4 marks if there is some leakage from the yolk
    • 3 marks for showing up with your egg vessel!


The report requirements are here.


Throughout the course we will be using various tools to help our learning:
  • Portable Apps
    • Chrome
    • Notepad++
  • Lastpass
  • Diigo (social bookmarking)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Takeout
  • Google Sites (the NEW Google Sites)
  • Google Keep
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Dropbox

Welcome to Mr Harshaw’s Students!

Welcome to the Computer Technology, Communications Technology, and Computer Science class!

If it’s related to computers, this is the class to be in!

Here is a presentation I will be reviewing with you to talk about the differences in the three subjects. I’m also sharing a handout that gives an overview of all the subjects in the Technology department.