Learning Goals Checklist

The following teacher-developed checklist contains criteria for writing effective learning goals, and can be used to guide the development of learning goals.


  • identifies what is to be learned
  • linked to the overall and specific expectations to be addressed
  • connected to a big idea
  • identifies incremental steps to build student knowledge and skills


  • uses clear, concise language
  • uses language that is student-friendly and grade-appropriate
  • uses verbs that describe specific and observable actions
  • stated from a student’s perspective (e.g., “We are learning to …)

Example Learning Goals

  • We are learning to make healthier personal food choices by using information on food labels.
  • We are learning to rework a piece using feedback from our teacher and classmates.
  • We are learning to create and perform phrases that explore two or more elements of dance.
  • I will be able to use descriptive words, phrases, and expressions to clearly describe a scene or situation.
  • I can Identify and describe common controls used in graphical user interfaces.
  • I can use buttons, labels, and text fields when designing graphical user interfaces.
(from ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING VIDEO SERIES Learning Goals and Success Criteria Viewing Guide)