TIJ1O Exploring Technologies

This course enables students to further explore and develop technological knowledge and skills introduced in the elementary science and technology program. Students will be given the opportunity to design and create products and/or provide services related to the various technological areas or industries, working with a variety of tools, equipment, and software commonly used in industry. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues, and will begin to explore secondary and postsecondary education and training pathways leading to careers in technology-related fields. 

Prerequisite: None

Big Ideas

  1. How do I prepare and complete a project from start to finish?
  2. What methods do I need to communicate my ideas?
  3. What resources will I need to use to build my projects or deliver services?
  4. How does technology affect the environment?
  5. What courses do I need to pursue a career in the trades?

Important Links

For a list of what is offered in the BDSS Tech Department, visit http://bit.ly/cTUpMK.