Issues in ICT Research Assignment

Possible Topics

  • legal issues related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • social issues related to ICT
  • ethical issues related to ICT
  • privacy issues related to ICT
  • security issues related to ICT
  • impact of ICT on personal health
  • impact of ICT on the environment


  1. Choose one of the topics above. If you have done this assignment previously, choose a different topic than the one(s) you used before.
  2. If you haven’t been supplied with a template in Google Classroom, create a Google Doc named “Full Name BTT1O — Name of Topic“, where Full Name is your full name and Name of Topic is the name of the topic you have chosen. An example would be “Joe Smith BTT1O — Legal Issues Related to ICT”. After you have properly named your document, share it with your instructor, with editing privileges.
  3. Using your favourite search engine, find a minimum of 3 websites related to your topic. List these in your document in a section entitled “Web Sources related to topic“, where topic is the name of your topic.
  4. As you read through your websites, take notes in a section entitled “Notes related to topic“, again substituting the name of your topic for topic. Use bullets for this list, and proper sentences for your notes. Spelling and grammar counts!
  5. When done, submit your notes to Google Classroom.
  6. You will be asked to do a 30-60 second informal presentation to your classmates or a small group, so be sure your notes make sense to you.