In-school Session #1

Summary of our 1st in-school co-op session:

  • Log in to Google Classroom
  • Share your highlights!
    • What kind of tasks are you doing in your co-op placement?
    • Any highlights?
    • Anything you’re not liking?
    • Any problems?
  • Create your ePortfolio (in the New Google Sites)
  • Journal #1 (Google Doc)
  • What is a Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP)? (discussion)
  • PPLP Instructions (view the Google Doc)
  • PPLP Draft (download and fill in the PDF)
  • DSBN H&S modules (complete and print)
    • Ladder Safety
    • Germ Prevention

Anything not completed in our session will have to be completed as homework by the end of the week.

Weekly Log Reminder

Just a reminder to fill in and submit your co-op work hours in Hour Republic for the past week.

Please confirm with your employer that they are receiving the authorization emails.

(This page is used in conjunction with a text message sent through the Remind service.)

Short URL:

PD Days

Going in to your co-op placements on a PD day is optional.

If you do not go, be sure your employer is aware.

If you do go, be sure to only work during the hours covered in your co-op contract.


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Reminder Service is a service that I will use to send email and text notifications to students and parents.

To subscribe, please follow the directions in the relevant document:

Introducing Yourself

Students, look for the assignment on Google Classroom.

Teachers, see my blog post about this assignment here.

Co-op Outline


  • Texthelp PDF Reader Extension Fix (video)
  • Co-op Course Outline
  • What is Co-op?
  • Student Information Sheet
    • Download, fill in, and submit
  • Student Intention Sheet
    • Download, fill in, and submit
  • Accident Reporting Process
    • Questions?
  • Remind Notifications
    • AM
    • PM
  • Co-op Student Handbook
  • Resume
    • Create (or update) and submit
    • Can use Career Cruising

More  Coming Soon!

Old Contents Below — Please Ignore!

Before You Start

  1. Print and complete the Application Form  (need link)
  2. Make some initial inquiries about a potential co-op employer

First Term

  1. Introductions (day 1)

  2. Marking Overview
  3. Journals

    1. Reminder: when you get your MarkBook reports, double-check that the total hours listed from each journal are properly recorded.
    2. Note: journals more than two weeks late will not be marked; only the hours will be recorded.
  4. Review and update Application Form  (need link) (be sure it is filled in with a black or blue pen!)

  5. Course Calendar (check this regularly for deadlines and important dates!)
    This calendar shows the deadline for all assignments and the days the students are in school.

  6. Need 2 References (day 1)

  7. Resume (day 1)
    Build your resume at Remember your username and password!

  8. Central Placements discussion (day 2)

  9. Update Training Agreement with proper related subject and mark (from transcript) (day 2)

    1. Not all related subjects may be listed in that page. See instructor for assistance.
  10. Pre-course Questionnaire (need new link) (day 2)

  11. Co-op Pre-course Survey (day 2)

  12. Young Workers Awareness Program — 7 Things You’d Better Know
  13. Cover Letter (day 2)
    Visit this website for excellent resources.

  14. Co-op Education Student Handbook  (need new link) (you will receive a hard copy of this) (day 3)

  15. Safety (days 3-4)

  16. Communication Video, w/ Communication assignment  (need new link) (day 5)

  17. Interview Questions (day 5)

  18. Guest Speaker – Interview Techniques (day 7)

  19. Training Agreement Responsibilities Assignment (day 7)

  20. Confidentiality (handout (need new link) , case studies, contract)

  21. Harassment (case studies) Eval’d (day 9)

    1. Sexual harassment – guest speaker & quiz

    2. Harassment – video and package

  22. First Week at the Workplace (need new link)

  23. In-school Session #1

    1. Student Profile

    2. OSP Assignment

    3. More to add…

  24. Employment Standards Act Worksheet(s)

  25. In-school Session #2 (mid-semester) (student checklist(teacher notes)

    (note to self: remove this list after ensuring everything is on the checklist. format like session #3)

    1. MarkBook Updates

    2. Review of Weekly Journals

    3. Add up total hours from weekly log sheets (on MarkBook printout) and record here. Should be ~110 hours for 2 credits or ~55 hours for 1 credit. Record on inside from cover of file (the journal dates are here).

    4. Adjustment to Hours Forms

    5. Pathways to Opportunity Supervisor Award

    6. Don’t make these spelling mistakes!
    7. Student Handbook – In-school course expectations

      1. Choose 5-6 specific expectations from your related course

    8. Student Handbook – Placement Opportunities (p. 14)

    9. Student Handbook – Employer Specific Expectations (p. 14)

    10. Mid-term Self-evaluation

    11. Update Profile, including pictures

    12. SHSM Students – need copies of Passport to Safety certificate, WHMIS certificate, and Ontario Skills Passport assignment

    13. Overview of Final Presentation (get started early!)

      1. Tip: create a GoogleDoc (or other easily-accessible document) and add comments to this weekly

    14. Portfolio Overview

    15. Finish OSP Assignment

  26. Changing Roles

  27. Careers

  28. Ladder Quiz

  29. First Month at Placement

  30. Employer Assessment I (see note)

    1. worth 16% of final mark


Second Term

  1. Essential Skills Eval’d

  2. Rough Draft Work Experience

  3. Employability Standards

  4. Placement Description

  5. Thank You Letter

  6. Ontario Skills Passport

  7. In-school Session #3 (student checklist)

    1. Administration
    2. Union Presentation & Assignment
    3. Portfolio overview
    4. Reflective Assignment overview
  8. In-school session #4 (teacher notes)
    1. Course Evaluation
    2. MarkBook updates
      1. Anything to hand in?
      2. Any mistakes? (highlight and return report to instructor)
    3. # of Hours (should be 195 to 200 hours)
      1. Reminder of Adjustment to Hours form
    4. Presentations during Exam period — January 25 (see Summative, below)
    5. Thank You letters (see exemplar)
      1. sample(s) available in O: drive
      2. print two — one for employer, one for instructor
      3. address the envelope
    6. Hand in portfolio
  9. Employer Assessment II (see note)
    1. worth 24% of final mark



  1. Reflective Assignment Overview
    1. worth 20% of final mark
    2. Work Experience Reflection  (also available as Google Document)

    3. Rough copy due in-school session #3
    4. Report Checklist [marking checklist]
      1. Suggested Headings
  2. Final Presentation

    1. Marking Rubric
    2. Reference: Essential Skills & Work Habits website
  3. Display (used during presentation)
  4. Employability Skills Portfolio   

    1. worth 10% of final mark
    2. Section 7 Reflection Template
      1. Reference: Essential Skills & Work Habits website