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If you have a smartphone, please go into the app store (see links below) and install the Google Classroom app. This will allow you to get Classroom notifications which will help you be more successful in this class.



I also recommend that you check your school board email account daily for any notifications from Google Classroom, especially to check for any comments I have made on your submissions.

Late Submission Policy

The general policy for late submissions is that 5% of your achieved mark will be deducted per day to a maximum of 15% for grades 9-10 and a maximum of 25% for grades 11-12 (DSBN policy). There may be exceptions to this, depending on the specific circumstances.

If assignments are posted online and can be done from home, absence due to a school activity does not extend the deadline.

If the situation warrants that an assignment can no longer be handed in, the mark will be a zero beyond that.

(You will only be given a reasonable amount of time to submit a late assignment. Don’t expect to be handing in assignments two or three weeks after they are due!)

Career Cruising

Create a section called “Career Matchmaker Results (Top 10 careers)”. Under this, list your top 10 Career Matchmaker results from Career Cruising, listed in order, in a neatly formatted (bulleted) list.  (Redo the career matchmaker, even if you have done it this year. Be sure to answer ALL questions.)

An example is shown below:

Career Matchmaker Results (Top 10 careers)

  1. Automobile Assembler
  2. Electronics Engineering Tech
  3. Electrical Engineering Tech
  4. Web Developer
  5. Office Machine Repairer
  6. Gunsmith
  7. Furniture Finisher
  8. Locksmith
  9. Cable Installer and Repairer
  10. Production Woodworker

Next, create a section called “My Top Career Choice”. Under this heading, enter “Career”, followed by the name of your top career choice, ideally taken from the above list, as well as the other details listed below. Example:

My Top Career Choice

  • Automobile Assembler
  • Automobile assemblers install pre-fabricated parts and components to make new vehicles.
Earning $ Range
  • $15 – $35 per hour
Level of Education
  • High School
Core Tasks
  • Work at assigned stations on automotive assembly lines
  • Attach a specific part, such as the bumper, as automobile frames move down the line
  • Often climb into the frames and use power tools to bolt or screw the part in place
  • Ensure the part is properly secured and functional, and move on to the next frame
Attributes and Abilities
  • Work well with your hands
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Communication skills
  • Physically fit
  • Work for companies that manufacture cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, or other kinds of automobiles
  • Most work a regular 40-hour week, though overtime is sometimes required
  • Some work evenings and weekends
  • Work indoors in large factories that are clean but noisy, and can be hot in summer
  • The work involves a lot of repetitive tasks

Computer Disassembly

Write a paragraph describing your experience of disassembling and reassembling a computer.

Share exactly how you were able to determine the exact age of the computer.

Include a bulleted list of all the components that were in the computer along with a short description of what each component does.

Include a picture of yourself with your disassembled computer.

Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues

Step 1 – Resources

Create a heading and make a bulleted list of at least three web resources related to ICT legal, social, and/or ethical issues. Be sure each resource is a working link.

Step 2 – Essay

Create an appropriate heading for this section. The exact heading name will depend on your content.
In short essay format, Identify and explain one of the issues identified in any of the resources listed above.

Step 3 – Follow-up Questions

Create a heading named “Follow-up Questions”.
In a neatly formatted list, what are two follow-up questions you would like to research about this issue? You do not have to answer them.
Note: grammar and spelling must be PERFECT for all of the above. This is a business class after all!

Right to Be Forgotten

This is based on the Right to Be Forgotten podcast you listened to.

Write a short essay that covers:

  1. What the right to be forgotten is all about.
  2. Arguments about why members of society should have a right to be forgotten.
  3. Arguments about why members of society should not have a right to be forgotten.
  4. What is your view? Why?
  5. Who was a student that had a different view than yours? Why do you disagree with their view?

Include a picture that would be suitable for this page. Use your imagination!

Remember that spelling and grammar counts…..always!