Ontario Skills Passport Assignment (Summative)

This assignment builds on the Ontario Skills Passport Assignment you did in in-school session #2.

Select any three Essential Skills that you have acquired in your placement and give a 1-2 paragraph explanation (for each) of how these skills were developed. Be specific, detailed, and honest. (Please remember that spelling and grammar counts.)

To do this assignment, a Google Doc template has been created.

Note to BDSS students: use the document link in Google Classroom to create your document instead of the link above.


ePortfolio Title Page

At a minimum, your ePortfolio title page must include:

  • Your Name
  • Job Title
  • Name of placement
  • Placement address, phone, website
  • Company Logo or picture
  • A picture of you at your placement

See here for an example title page.

Analyse Competitors

This is part 3 of the BTT summative portfolio. The requirements have been adapted from  material provided by DSBN’s Business Secondary Learning Community (SLC).


Create a spreadsheet to analyze three competing products (e.g., three phones or three headphones or…).

Compare features (3-4 only), size, and price.

Ensure the spreadsheet is aesthetically pleasing , with appropriate headings, justification, etc.

You may use Excel or Google Sheets for this assignment.

Expectations covered

  • Use spreadsheet software to perform a variety of tasks
  • Manage electronic files and folders

Compare Websites

This is part 2 of the BTT summative portfolio. The requirements have been adapted from  material provided by DSBN’s Business Secondary Learning Community (SLC).


Using either Word or Google Docs, complete the following requirements for two (2) websites you used to find your technology device:

  1. Describe the homepage (come up with your own relevant criteria)
  2. Investigate two (2) of the toolbar links and describe what you find using five (5) bullet points for each.
  3. Which website do you think is more effective? (Consider simplicity, ease of navigation, consistency, structure/navigation and/or color schemes.) Explain.

Be sure your document is neatly formatted. Use headings, tables, and lists, where appropriate.

Submit to the appropriate hand-in folder. If using Google Docs, export as a Word document.

Expectations covered

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the uses and design of effective websites

Research a technology device

This is part 1 of the BTT summative portfolio. The requirements have been adapted from  material provided by DSBN’s Business Secondary Learning Community (SLC).


Research a device by visiting a website for a store that sells electronic devices such as computers, handheld devices, etc.

Examples of online stores may include bestbuy.ca, walmart.ca, dell.ca, apple.ca or staples.ca.

Find a device that you would like to purchase. Using a 2-column table in a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel), list:

  • the name,
  • price,
  • features of this device, and
  • working URL (link) to your source.

Put each of the above into their own rows in the table.

Format the document neatly, using a list, where applicable (like for the features), and include a proper heading as the title.

Expectations Covered

  • Analyze options for accessing the internet
  • Apply effective techniques when conducting electronic research
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology associated with  information and communication technology