Compare Websites

This is part 2 of the BTT summative portfolio. The requirements have been adapted from  material provided by DSBN’s Business Secondary Learning Community (SLC).


Using either Word or Google Docs, complete the following requirements for two (2) websites you used to find your technology device:

  1. Describe the homepage (come up with your own relevant criteria)
  2. Investigate two (2) of the toolbar links and describe what you find using five (5) bullet points for each.
  3. Which website do you think is more effective? (Consider simplicity, ease of navigation, consistency, structure/navigation and/or color schemes.) Explain.

Be sure your document is neatly formatted. Use headings, tables, and lists, where appropriate.

Submit to the appropriate hand-in folder. If using Google Docs, export as a Word document.

Expectations covered

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the uses and design of effective websites