Research a technology device

This is part 1 of the BTT summative portfolio. The requirements have been adapted from  material provided by DSBN’s Business Secondary Learning Community (SLC).


Research a device by visiting a website for a store that sells electronic devices such as computers, handheld devices, etc.

Examples of online stores may include,,, or

Find a device that you would like to purchase. Using a 2-column table in a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel), list:

  • the name,
  • price,
  • features of this device, and
  • working URL (link) to your source.

Put each of the above into their own rows in the table.

Format the document neatly, using a list, where applicable (like for the features), and include a proper heading as the title.

Expectations Covered

  • Analyze options for accessing the internet
  • Apply effective techniques when conducting electronic research
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology associated with  information and communication technology