CMU CS Academy


To begin learning Python we are going to use a site developed by Carnegie Mellon University named “CS Academy”.


Go to to register.

When asked to join, you will be given a registration code to use. It will likely be shared with you via Google Classroom.

For your username, use the same username as your DSBN login ID so I know who each student account belongs to.

Once you have joined, complete the Getting Started section, as indicated below.

Getting Started

Be sure to watch the following videos:

  • Welcome to CMU CS Academy
  • How to Use the CMU CS Academy Website
  • Bugs!

Presentation: Turtle Graphics Using Python

Today I co-presented at the OSSTF Embracing Technology Conference. Our topic was Turtle Graphics Using Python: A Gentle Introduction to Programming.

The audience was mostly teachers new to programming, so I’m really pleased that most of them were able to keep up. It was also great to see them working in groups to solve the challenges together.

Note to self: Nested loops is a challenge for beginners. Re-think that for the next time I do this presentation!

To view the presentation for yourself, visit this link:

Python String Assignments

View the document in a new tab here.