My Last 10

Recently, Doug Peterson responded to a challenge by Alec Couros and challenged others to do the same:

If you were summed up by your last 10 tweets or FB posts, what would that look like?

It sounds like an interesting way to reflect on the content I post, to see if posting enough to benefit my followers, and if the content is appropriate to my intended audience.

So here goes…

Like Doug, a few of my posts are auto-created from the paper.liΒ website, a service that consolidates content posted by those I follow on Twitter into a web newspaper. It’s a great service, one I admit I don’t take enough advantage of to see what great things are going on out there.

A few of my posts are PD-related,Β as I like to share things I learn in PD sessions or to contribute content, as I did in the #dsbnmakers session I attended last night.

One post is about Ontario’s latest financial literacy initiative, one that I’m glad to see happening.

And the remainder seem to be Google-related, as it’s well-known that I’m a fan of Google and many of the products that they provide.

I admit, there were a high number of auto-created posts in my last 10 tweets, but we can blame my birthday and a plumbing problem at my house for distracting me a bit this weekend…

What about you? What do your last 10 tweets say about you?

2 Replies to “My Last 10”

  1. What a great collection, Peter. If I had to guess what you would generate, I probably would have guessed quite a few correctly. Thanks for the post and adding some momentum.

    And, sorry to hear about the plumbing.

    1. Thanks Doug. No need to be sorry about the plumbing. I love the challenge and the satisfaction I get when I fix the problem myself! (never mind the money I saved by not calling a plumber on a Sunday!)

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