Compare Security Software

This is part 4 of the BTT summative portfolio. The requirements have been adapted from  material provided by DSBN’s Business Secondary Learning Community (SLC).


Create a spreadsheet to compare three (3) types of security software.

Options may include, but are not limited to McAfee, Norton, Avast, Kaspersky, or NOD32. Be sure there is at least one “free” option in your comparisons.

You may use Excel or Google Sheets for this assignment.

Once you have researched your three (3) choices, list the features in a suitable format in the spreadsheet so the features can easily be compared.

Be sure you list at least six (6) features. Be sure the price of each is also listed.

Be sure the spreadsheet is aesthetically pleasing.

Submit to the appropriate hand-in folder. If using Google Sheets, export as an Excel document.

Expectations covered

  • Demonstrate and understanding of legal, social and ethical issues relating to information and communication technology
  • Analyze privacy and security issues relating to information and communication technology