Addressing the Big Ideas (TGJ2O)

Respond to the following questions (copy and paste them onto your page):

  1. What are the three projects that you created that you are most proud of? Why are you proud of these projects?
  2.  Can you name at least six fundamental skills that you used to create those projects?
  3.  How did you use project management techniques to plan and develop any of your projects?
  4.  What interpersonal and/or communication skills did you use in in class when working with others?
  5.  How did the design process factor in when creating any of your projects? Name at least two examples where you had to go backward in the process at some point, and explain why.
  6. How can we adapt our use of communications technology devices or processes to reduce their harmful effects on the environment?
  7. What are at least three social effects and/or issues arising from the use of communications media technologies?
  8. How can the use of communications technology be used to enhance cultural and/or social diversity in society.
  9. What are at least two careers related to communications technology? What are the academic and/or practical work requirements for these careers?


When mentioning specific projects in any of the above replies, include links to the project pages.