Addressing the Big Ideas (TGJ3M)

Respond to the following questions (copy and paste them onto your page):

  1. How did I safely use or develop advanced concepts, techniques, and skills while using various software and equipment to create a range of communications technology products and/or services?
  2. How did I use a design process and project management tools?
  3. What current and evolving standards, processes, formats, and technologies did I incorporate?
  4. What technical terminology, scientific concepts, and mathematical concepts was relevant?
  5. What were the interpersonal and communications skills I needed to work in a team environment?
  6. How did I demonstrate that I have adhered to all legal requirements and ethical practices related to communications technology?
  7. What are some effects of communications technology and media activities on society and cultural diversity?
  8. What career opportunities are available to me in the branch of communications technology I am most interested in?