Blended Course Overview Learning Goals

These are the learning goals for the short overview you will be completing before your course begins.

  • I will be reminded about the rules of the netiquette agreement I signed at registration. We are all here to work on our course, do our best to not be distracted by games or social media, and most importantly, will respect each other’s ideas and opinions!
  • I will become familiar with Google Classroom environment, learn where the major components are (especially news items, marks, deadlines, and resources), and will know how to submit assignments.
  • I will understand what it takes to be successful in an online course, including by the use of organizational tools and techniques (Google Keep is recommended), regular daily schedule and commitment, etc.
  • I will understand the importance of communicating regularly with my instructor about my progress.
  • We will get to know a little about each other — me about you, and you about me.
  • I will know how to get extra help before it’s too late!