BDSS Maker Club

Mission Statement

The BDSS Maker Club is a student-led club focused on providing students with time, space, knowledge, and equipment to design and make things.

The purpose of weekly meetings is to:

  • Equip students with skills to make, create, and design;
  • Provide time, space and resources to student to create, make, and design;
  • Provide guidance, supervision, and instruction to do the above; and
  • Allow students to pursue individual interests for all of the above activities.

Meetings: The club will meet Tuesdays or Wednesdays in room 3-209 (Mr. Beens’ class) unless otherwise announced (see calendar below). Students will need to arrange for transportation home at 4:30.

Membership: Any student is welcome to become a member.

Leadership: The teacher sponsor is Mr Beens. The club co-presidents are Rachel M and Andrew H.

1This mission statement has been adapted from Bate Middle School. Thank you BMS!

Remind Service

All students must join the reminder service to be a member. To join, send a text message with the message “@bdssmaker” (without the quotes) to (647) 496-1214 and/or send an email to

Google Group

For sharing documents, all members must be a member of the club’s Google Group. Visit!forum/bdss-maker-club to join.

Club Calendar

Projects Accomplished and Planned

  • Arduino Traffic Light
  • Arduino LCD Display
  • Python webpage (for displaying greenhouse info), using multiple channel serial data from Arduino
  • Interfacing moisture sensors for greenhouse

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