Open Government Partnership Consultation

From an email I received today about Ontario’s Open Data Directive:

Thank you for contributing to the Open Government Partnership Consultation and for helping Ontario become a more open and transparent government.

As part of Ontario’s participation in the Open Government Partnership’s subnational pilot program, the province has been working with the public, non-governmental organizations and community groups, to develop new open government commitments.  We received over 270 ideas and almost 800 votes from the public and civil society through online consultations.  Top-voted ideas were assessed during in-person and online workshops where people from across the province came together to help shape new commitments for Ontario.

Thanks to your ideas and feedback, Ontario announced three new open government commitments at the Open Government Partnership’s Global Summit in Paris, France.  These include:

  • ▪      Strengthening Ontario’s commitment to making government data open by default by adopting the International Open Data Charter. Adopting the charter will further enhance Ontario’s own Open Data Directive by supporting the creation of common data standards and outlining specific deadlines by which progress toward implementation can be demonstrated.
  • ▪      Increasing opportunities for young people across Ontario to share ideas for government programs and services by developing a digital engagement tool.
  • ▪      Creating an open government training program for staff across the Ontario Public Service to help government continue to find new ways to boost openness and transparency.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.  As we plan the implementation of these commitments, we will continue consulting with the public and civil society to identify how best to implement each commitment.

Thank you,

The Open Government Team