Welcome to my new website!

This site will serve as the “front end” to both my professional and personal activities, whether they be posting an update for my students, posting something on GitHub, adding a lesson, sharing a presentation I’ve done, or whatever. Posts from my old blog may get transferred to here, as well as other content from my school website.

To navigate this site, most users will use the menu at the top, which show the major categories of the website as well as select tags under the relevant categories. On the right sidebar you will find a list of the tags used on the site as well as a drop-down menu of the categories. On this sidebar you will also find a list of my recent tweets (follow me!) as well as a widget which lets you subscribe to this site.

For the first few months (or longer!) the site may be changing a bit as I get used to WordPress and experiment with its features.

Wish me luck!