BDSS E-Waste Recycling Program

Here’s a tweet I posted about an e-waste recycling program I’m coordinating at my school:

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Two-Pizza Rule

Here’s an interesting article I found about how Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, runs a meeting. Check it out to learn about his two-pizza rule, about how he doesn’t use PowerPoint presentations, and why his meetings start in silence.

What do you think of his method? Would it work in your environment? Why, or why not?

(For the record, I never use PowerPoint either. I use Google Slides!)

Finding Vivian Maier, Chicago Street Photographer

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This is a story of a full-time nanny/part-time street photographer in Chicago named Vivian Maier. Vivian sadly passed away in April of 2009, with her photographic work totally unknown to the world. It took a local real estate agent named John Maloof to uncover her amazing talent after purchasing her negatives at an auction. He hadn’t heard of Vivian, and only bought the negatives in a search for some content for a book he was writing. It was when he was scanning the negatives that he realized what he had. Continue reading “Finding Vivian Maier, Chicago Street Photographer”